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Dorm Rooms at The Hideaway Hostel 

If you are not familiar with hostels then you need to understand that you are booking only a bed in the room, not the whole room, so that means you will be sharing the room with other guests. This is a fun, social, and affordable way to travel!

Female Only Shared Dorm Room

This large female* only shared dorm room is on the main floor of the hostel and sleeps four in two bunk beds. It shares  two bathrooms with other guests.
*Female is a girl, lady or woman so if you are not female please don't book!

Two Mixed Shared Dorm Rooms with Balcony 

There are two mixed* dorm rooms upstairs in the hostel. Each sleeps 3 in a  bunk bed and single bed and have a small balcony shared with the other room. They share two bathrooms with other guests. There is no choice of rooms. When one is filled, the other will be made available.  If needed, one could be a private room.

*Mixed means that there could be both males and females in the room together. 

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